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Newest Airlines

25JUL- Ryan International Airlines 1999

22JUL- Flying Enterprise 1998

18JUL - Biman Bangladesh Airlines 1998

10JUL - Jet Airways 1998 

08JUL - El Al Israel Airlines 1998

Updated Airlines

23JUL- Egyptair 1998 v2

18JUL- Grand Air (Philippines) 1998 v2

08JUL - Swissair 1998 v2

08JUL- LTU 1998 v2

28JUN- Air Atlanta Icelandic 1998 v3

The 1998 Flight Simulator Project is focused on re-creating the late 1990s in Flight Simulator X (many files also work in FS2004), Prepar3D, and in the future, Microsoft Flight Simulator (when it is AI capable). This project is focused on re-creating the aviation world of 1998/1999 by creating AI Flightplans for scheduled airlines based on the July/September 1998 Official Airline Guide (OAG), individual airline printed timetables, or making representative flightplans for non-scheduled charter, general aviation, and military operators based on data of real movements making these aircraft behave realistically in your AI world. In addition to flightplans, we are also producing backdated scenery to make airports appear as they did in the late 1990s as well as repainting AI aircraft to to operate these flights! This project is just one of several ongoing retro AI projects working to fill in various time periods, while dozens of authors have created files to bring to life airlines ranging from the 1930s all the way up to present day! Some of the other notable projects are the CalClassic 1950s and 1960s AI Project by Tom Gibson, the 1983 AI Project by Brian Wheatly, and the 2003-2005 AI Project by Most Realistic AI (MRAI). For modern AI and retro flightplans from 2008 to present day, check out the Alpha India Group (many more plans found in their forums as well). 

In addition to the close to 500 completed air carriers and military operators completed by this project, the Incomplete Airlines flightplans represent all flights by airlines not yet completed by this project to fill in all scheduled flights to various countries around the world! Currently, all scheduled flights to colored countries/regions below are completed (or soon will be) for 1998 when installing the Incomplete Airlines files along with the rest of our project's completed carriers! To find a complete list of the areas entirely completed by the project and of all the project flightplans complete with routemaps, check out our frequently updated 1998 thread on the RetroAI Forums or our thread on the AIG Group Forums.


In addition to many other contribuitors who have made late 1990s AI files both long before this project was a reality and since, the Bayviationsim members involved in this project include many of the best painters an flightplanners in the AI community from every corner of the earth. They include Ranmori Scythe, Raphael Rodrigues, Vadim Stepanyuk, Miguel Ceballos, Vireak Ball, Christian Gold, Chris Gorodetzky, Justin Sutton, Michael Pearson, Jonathan Alba, Henrique Martins Meme King and Chasen Richardson.

We are always looking to welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of flightplanning or repainting to the team, and almost every last member of Bayviaitonsim was once someone who simply reached out on social media! 

Thank you for your interest in our project, and while donations and commissions are greatly appreciated, the project files will always be provided free of charge to the community!


Chasen Richardson and Ranmori Scythe, project founders.