The Raytheon/Beechcraft 1900 is one of the most popular commuter airliners ever produced, and still serves in large numbers today with both airlines and private owners alike. In the 1970s, Beechcraft's C99 Airliner was popular with commuter carriers, but with just 15-seats and a relatively low maximum takeoff weight, airlines were begining to favor the larger 19-seat rival Metroliner and Handley Page Jetstream, especially as codeshares with large jet airlines grew more popular. The Beechcraft Super King Air was, and still is, a very popular corporate aircraft. Beechcraft decided to stretch this model to include 19 passenger seats with a large cargo bin in the back of the aircraft, dubbed the Beech 1900. The B1900 first flew in 1982, but only 3 examples of this model were built before Beechcraft decided to make modifications and switched production to the Beech 1900C. The B1900C eliminated a rear door and airstairs in favor of extra cargo space and first entered commercial service in 1984 to US East Coast commuter airline Clinton Aero. The cockpit allowed pilots to legally operate the King Air and B1900C on one type certificate, leading some airlines like States West to purchase the Beech 200 commuter variant of the King Air 200 to operate alongside the larger Beech 1900C. After 200-some airframes were built, including some for military customers like the US Air Force, a new model was introduced as the Beech 1900D. The B1900D addressed concerns about the small cabin of 19-seat commuter airlines requiring most passengers to hunch down when entering the aircraft by making the cabin tall enough for most passengers to stand, along with range and performance increases. The B1900D first flew in 1991 and was delivered to Mesa Airlines that same year. Improvements introduced with the B1900D were so popular that by the late 1990s most users had entirely replaced their B1900Cs with the new variant. The B1900C remained popular with corporate, cargo and military operators and many of them are still active in those roles today. The best customer of the type was Great Lakes Airlines, who operated 83 Beech 1900C and D aircraft throughout it's history both independently and on behalf of United Express, and that carrier operated the type on scheduled passenger service until it's demise in 2018. To date, a total of 114 Beech 1900Cs and Ds are still in commercial service, with the vast majority operating in North America and Africa.

Currently, the following high detail add-ons of this aircraft are available:

Carenado B1900D: X-Plane, Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X

PMDG has also made a B1900C/D that works in FSX but they seem to have removed it from market.