The Boeing 757-200 and 767-200 were both introduced to service in the early 1980s, at which time they were revolutionary in their ability to offer the economics a 2-pilot cockpit and 2 engines in an era where previously 3-pilot aircraft with 3-4 engines were the only airliners capable of similar range and capacity. Cockpit commonality allowed airlines the option of simultaneously certifying pilots on both aircraft types. United Airlines launched the first 767-200 service in 1982 while Eastern Airlines launched the first 757-200 service at the start of 1983. The 757-200 was especially impressive in it's ability to operate from short airstrips like Orange County (SNA) and mountainous airports like Eagle/Vail (EGE) and then operate transcontinental flights with little to no payload restrictions. In 1988, American Airlines launched the first revenue flights of the stretched 767-300 while Condor Airlines introduced the stretched 757-300 to service in 1999. With retirements of the widebody L-1011 and DC-10 jets looming, Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines commissioned Boeing to build the stretched 767-400, which entered service in 2000, featuring an all new cockpit very similar to the Boeing 777. While many former major passenger operators of both types have retired their fleets, many airlines still operate the 757 and 767 worldwide in passenger and cargo roles, while 767-300s with retrofitted modern cockpits are still being built brand new by Boeing in Paine Field (PAE) for FedEx today.

Currently, the following realistic add-ons are available for these aircraft:

Captain Sim 767: Prepar3Dv4/5 (767-300 only), Flight Simulator X/Prepar3Dv1-3

MO Textures 767-400: Prepar3Dv4/5 (Requires Captain Sim 777 for the cockpit, contact the page and request to buy the "merge")


LevelD Simulations 767: Flight Simulator X

Captain Sim 757: Prepar3Dv1-5,Flight Simulator X

Quality Wings 757: Prepar3Dv1-5/Flight Simulator X

VMax/Flight Factor 767: X-Plane

VMax/Flight Factor 757: X-Plane