Request for Virtual Flight Lesson

Thank you for your interest! We will contact the pilots who offer the services you are looking for as close as possible to the requested time. In the event that that no pilots are available in your requested time period, we will send you alternatives. Replies may take up to a few days.



Virtual Flight Lessons are charged at the rate of $40USD/per to ensure the experience is worth while for the pilots providing instruction. All lessons will be charged for 1 hour minimum up until the first 60 minutes, after which lessons will be charged at the standard rate of .1 hours every 3 minutes. So a 90-93 minute lesson will be charged for 1 hour plus .5 hours, so a total of 1.5 hours or $60USD. As lessons are charged upfront once a pilot has agreed to connect with the user at a set time and date, there is no refund for unused time outside of strange circumstances as determined by the Bayviationsim staff and the pilot, again so as not to waste the pilot's time. Users are recommended to make the most of their time. Payment will be made upon confirmation of the lesson, not before so as not the inconvenience the user in the event no lesson may be scheduled. If the user wishes to extend a lesson, that is not a problem so long as the pilot agrees.

Once the user is connected to a pilot who will be providing the instruction, they will be contacted via e-mail. It is then the sole responsibility of the user to request any modifications or cancellations by e-mail. Lessons that are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance will be fully refunded. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advanced will be charged for 1 hour. "No Shows" will be charged the full rate of the planned lesson for wasting the time of the pilot. The user accepts the risk of internet/power outages or simulator and communication app issues during the session, in the rare event one may occur, and a partial refund (anything over the 1st hour) in that event MAY be issued if the pilot was not terribly inconvenienced. If there is an issue on the pilot's end during the session that can not be resolved in an acceptable time frame, a full refund will be issued for lessons under 30 minutes, and a pro-rated refund will be issued for lessons over 30-mintes (so the pilot loses connection 30 minutes into the lesson, you will be refunded $20USD). 


Revealing any personal details, including the airline of employment, is entirely at the discretion of the pilot and will not be revealed beforehand, though any assigned pilot either is currently flying or has flown the aircraft in question. All pilot's used are laid back and easy going individuals are hard to upset. If a user displays disrespectful behavior, they will be warned by the pilot. If the user continues the bad behavior, the lesson will be terminated and the user will not be refunded for the time pre-paid. No descrimination will be tolerated. We don't expect this to ever happen, and so long as users are respectful, they will have a great time and so will the pilots. It is not the fault of Bayviationsim or the pilot if the aircraft being used lacks features of the real life aircraft or does not behave properly.