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Make A Donation & Help The Retro Community!

At Bayviationsim, we believe that the best AI Traffic is, and always has been, free. Commercial products never come close to matching the quality, variety, and expertise of AI Traffic made by freeware developers for the good of the community. While Bayviationsim and dozens and dozens of others have contributed to the retro world with repaints, scenery, and flightplans, it is a hobby and we do it at our own pace. Eventually, we hope to fill the retro skies with everything, especially the 1998/1999 era thanks to our growing project. However, as we work at our own pace, it will be many years before that project is completed, let alone all the other decades of aviation that others are working on. 

If you would like to show your gratitude and, at the same time, see an AI aircraft you badly want in your sim, see the airport scenery of your choice backdated to the year in which you wish to see it, or see an airline from a specific year flying around your simulator, you may make a donation and we will make your wish a reality. Once we are finished, the files will be uploaded alongside all our files for the world to enjoy, for free, with a special "thank you" to you for making it happen.

Between us here at Bayviationsim are well over 100 years of experience painting aircraft, backdating airports/creating airport scenery, and AI flightplanning. Anything we create will be to the same realism you'd expect with any of our files, and any painter that would accept your proposal will be sure that the livery is within their skillset.

If retro is not your thing, we are more than happy to re-create modern airports, liveries, and flightplans as you wish.

We all have lives, careers, and hobbies outside of aviation. These donations are simply motivation to get us to prioritize what you would like to see created and do a good job with it. Repaints can take hours, as can backdating airports/creating scenery, while making real flightplans off an airline schedule can take anywhere to an hour or two to several multi-hour sessions over weeks. The following is a general guideline for donations (in USD):

- AI Aircraft repaint (Simple) - $15 (the vast majority of paints are "simple", we are happy to work out discounts for bulk/fleet orders)

-AI Aircraft repaint (Difficult) - $30 (an example would be the Qantas Wunala Dreaming 747)

-AI Aircraft repaint (Custom) - $20 (fake aircraft/airline combo, put Barry Wood on the tail, ect)

-Backdate existing Payware/Freeware/Default Airport - $15

-Update modern airport scenery with real life parking - $20 (takes longer than backdating)

-Convert older scenery to work in P3Dv4\5 (IF possible) - $15

-Create closed retro airport from scratch - $40 (this will take several hours)

-Request AI flightplans (smallish airline, requires schedule available unless charters) - $25

-Request AI flightplans (larger airline, will take several days to complete) - Depends on size.

-Request AI flightplans custom (FBO, Flight School, small operator, fantasy airline, ect) - $20

NOTE: Due to a lack of good sources, some special liveries are not painted for a reason, especially older ones from the film camera days! For example, most Japanese special liveries of the 1990s do not have good enough sources to complete, and would be 40+ hour projects. We'll be honest if none of the painters are willing or able to fulfill your wishes, but most paints will not be a problem for our painters. Many airports have changed a great deal since 1998, we'll be honest if we think the airport will still be rather "fake" after our best efforts to backdate it, but it is up to you if you'd like to see it done anyway. If you are asking for a specific scenery to be backdated, you must provide us with the ADEX/ADE airport parking file we don't already own it, and you'll have to test it in your sim for us as we won't have the scenery in our sim unless you buy it for us! Huge airlines like United, American, British Airways, ect will probably be rejected unless the offer is hugely generous as these carriers may take as long as a full work week to create, or more! If requesting a scheduled airline, we will need a link to the schedule (unless we happen to have it, we all have collections, feel free to ask while of course if it's in the 1998 OAG, we have it!) or if you own or find it online and buy it, you may send it to us for completion. Some schedules are posted online, many of those have been completed by us or others. For charter/cargo airlines, private aircraft, ect, we can make realistic representative plans based on photo data and other sources so the planes appear as realistically as possible with the information we have. Our acceptance of a request to create AI flightplans does not ensure AI repaints are completed, but we can check for you if you'd like to the best of our knowledge.

We will do our best to expeditiously fulfill your wishes, but be patient, especially for flightplans and difficult liveries. Currently, we all use FSX or Prepar3Dv4/5, this is because X-Plane and MSFS currently lack the ability for most of these services.

If you think there is something else within our skill set we may be able to offer you and the community, feel free to contact us and let us know!