Embraer of Brazil created the Embraer "E-Jet" series as a successor to it's popular ERJ-135/140/145 series of regional jets. The first aircraft in the series was the 70-seat Embraer 170, featuring fly-by-wire controls and simple and pilot friendly design. As Embraer was not confined to engineering limitations for fleet commonality for pilot training like Airbus and Boeing, the aircraft featured newer technology overall and corrected known issues with the other two competing aircraft lines. The E170 entered service in 2003 with LOT Polish Airlines, followed soon after by the slightly-stretched 75 seat Embraer 175, which was introduced by Air Canada, and the larger 100-seat Embraer 190 which was introduced by jetBlue Airways, both in 2005. Though the Embraer 190 was designed as mainline aircraft, US regional airline Republic Airlines found a way to circumvent the 100-seat "scope clause", which was an agreement between pilot's unions and major airlines to not allow regional carriers to have planes with 100 seats or more, and the requirement for a 3rd flight attendant by simply ordering the aircraft with 99 seats. Thus, the E190 did find a role as a regional jet in the United States operating on behalf of Midwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines. A further-stretched Embraer 195 was delivered to FlyBe in 2005, but this proved to be the least popular variant with just 172 aircraft built and also had the shortest production life. American Airlines briefly considered ordering a further extended variant of the Embraer 195, proposed as the E195XR, as an MD-80 replacement, but decided against it and the project was never started. Embraer did however make VIP version of the E190 called the Embraer Lineage, which was successful in it's role. As orders dried up, Embraer launched the Embraer 190-E2 and Embraer E195-E2 "Profit Hunter", a next generation replacement and direct competitor of the A319 and 737-700, as well as Bombardier's new C-Series CS300. The E190-E2 entered service in 2015 with Wideroe and the E195-E2 entered service in 2019 with Azul, but sales have been relatively slow compared to previous variants. After Airbus purchased the C-Series in 2018 and renamed it the A220, Boeing made an attempt to purchase Embraer and take over the E-Jet series, but Boeing ultimately decided to end the acquisition. The Embraer 175 still has aircraft on order to date, and has become one of the most popular regional jets in the world, especially in the United States where almost every major airlines has their regional affiliates operating the type. A direct replacement for the E175, the E175-E2, has made it's first flight but is not anticipated to enter service until 2023.

Currently, the following realistic add-ons are available for this aircraft:

Feelthere/Wilco E170/E190: Prepar3Dv4/5, Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Prepar3Dv1-3

Feelthere/Wilco E175/E195: Prepar3Dv4/5, Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Prepar3Dv1-3

Mo Textures E190/195-E2: Prepar3Dv4/5 (requires one of the above aircraft for the cockpit, message page and ask for the "merge")


Virtualcol Embraer E175/190/195-E2: Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Virtualcol Embraer E170/175: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Virtualcol Embraer E190/E195: Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X


Xcrafts Embraer E175/195: X-Plane

SSG E-Jets Evolution Series E170/195: X-Plane