Embraer of Brazil launched the ERJ-145 to directly compete in the 50-seat regional jet market with Bombardier's CRJ-100/200 jets, which were enjoying a monopoly at the time. The aircraft was planned to launch in 1991 alongside the CRJ, but delays resulted in the first flight not occurring until 1995. In 1997, the first ERJ-145 was put into service by Expressjet Airlines as Continental Express for flights from Newark and Houston. By this time, the CRJ-100/200 had already been operational for 5 years, but the delays in development allowed technology to progress so as the the ERJ enjoyed much more modern avionics, while also featuring a more comfortable 1-2 seating layout. An extended-range version, dubbed the ERJ-145XR, with an extra fuel tank and winglets to reduce drag was also first delivered to Expressjet as Continental Express in 1996. In 1999, the slightly smaller ERJ-140 made it's first flight, with just 44 seats and longer range than the ERJ-145. The ERJ-140 entered service in 2001 with American Eagle, who used the type extensively on the US West Coast from it's Los Angeles and San Jose hubs. Embraer decided to further shrink the ERJ into the ERJ-135, a 37-seat version that Embraer hoped would be a direct replacement for it's popular 30-seat EMB-120 Brasilia turboprops. The ERJ-135, like the ERJ-140, first entered service in 2001, with SA Airlink, a regional affiliate of South African Airways. With the shorter fuselage came much improved short field performance, making the type ideal for high altitude African airports with small runways. Though at this point commercial development for the type stopped, a VIP version dubbed the Embraer Legacy 650 was developed, as were a wide variety of military models for air forces and government agencies around the world. The last ERJ variant, a Legacy 650E, was delivered in 2020 thus ending production of this line of aircraft. There are still hundreds of ERJ-140s and ERJ-145s in service today, though the majority of smaller ERJ-135s have been retired since the 2010s.

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