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Airport Scenery: 1 Update and 2 New Releases!

After 3 years of work on a few dozen airports backdated to the 1980s-2000s, the first batch of late 1990s airports will be rolling out rapidly, followed by other eras.

Today, 2 of Flightbeam's excellent airport sceneries are now backdated to the late 1990s for your AI world! They are Minneapolis (KMSP) and Portland (KPDX). Enjoy flying in an out of the Northwest Airlines fortress hub, complete with Northwest logos replacing most Delta ones and other textural changes in addition to the obviously accurate airport parking, or watch the Pacific Northwest action in PDX back when it was a Delta MD-11 Transpacific hub.

Northwest had 5 daily flights, all flown by 757-200s, between the 2 airports back in 1998 which you can now replicate with total immersion.

In addition, the previously released backdated version of an excellent freeware scenery for Seoul Gimpo (GMP\RKSS) has been updated to version 2. Changes include airlines split between both the North and South terminal thanks to a new airport map discovery (previously only Asiana and Korean Air were on the South Terminal), tweaks to various parking, and the addition of general aviation and military parking.

More to come!

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