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Website Launched (finally)

Ahoy there guys! The website is launched, and will be frequently updated in the coming weeks to add features. The Bayviaitonsim pages will be completed first, followed by photography.

Bayviationsim specializes in retro flight simulation, especially the 1980s through the 2000s. But we also are involved in modern Flight Simulation files as well, having produced AI Flightplans for several carriers in 2020 and 202 1 as well as released modern airport scenery.

Eventually, the Bayviationsim page will give users access to all of our collaborated flight simulation files, including the 1998 AI Traffic Project, Aircraft Repaints, AI Flightplans, Airport Scenery, and tutorials. In Addition, we will have various features, including services where users may book real life pilots who are type rated in the very aircraft they wish to learn for flight simulator flying to provide them with instruction via screen share on Skype, Zoom, or other apps to teach them how to operate it and answer any questions they have about flying it. There will also be the ability to book veteran flight simulation developers at Bayviationsim for personal sessions to help you trouble shoot issues, learn to manually install aircraft/liveries/scenery, or provide any other service you deem useful for our expertise.

In lieu of proper pages, for now, the links on the Bayviationsim page will take you to our crude Google Drive folders where you will find most of our files. In the future, there will be actual pages associated with these.

As of now, the Virtual Flight Lessons are fully operational and readily available for those interested with various aircraft types available. At the time of posting, the 757/767, 737 family, and A320 family pages are completed in that section with links to the most realistic replications of those aircraft for the various modern simulator platforms and a brief history of the aircraft. The following aircraft will initially be available with real life pilots to provide lessons:

The next feature to be completed will be the ability to commission (by donation) the talented members of Bayviationsim for various works including, but not limited to, Aircraft Repaints (both AI and flyable), AI Flightplans (if you wish to see a specific airline from a specific year in your simulator as traffic), Airport Scenery (including backdating freeware and payware airports to the time period of your choice), and other customizations you wish to have for your flight simulator world.

In addition to the photography section, there will be a commercial aviation history section (which will include historic airport routemaps) and separate blogs for Flight Simulation and Aviation History.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope there is something we can do for you!

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