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Until the mid 1970s, Saab of Sweden was known for producing cars and military aircraft. However, the company decided at that time to enter the civilian market with a modern, fast, and reliable turboprop to compete in the budding 30-seat market as major airlines were begging to expand their agreements with commuter carriers. In 1980, Saab established a joint partnership with Fairchild Aircraft, who had helped produce commuter planes such as the Metroliner, and the production of the Saab 340 began. The Saab 340 first flew in 1983 and entered service the following year in 1984 with Crossair, who became the largest operator of the type, and The Pope was on the maiden flight! By the late 1980s, the Saab 340 had become the most successful turboprop in it's class, and Fairchild Aircraft gave it's shares in the project back to Saab, who took full control of future development. The Saab 340B, with increased power and range, was introduced in 1989 with American Eagle making a large order for 50 examples of the type. A total of 11 variants, including cargo, combi, and specialized military types. Saab expanded the Saab 340 into the Saab 2000, which was a direct competitor of the ATR72 and Q400, with a stretched fuselage and speed close to that of a jet. Crossair was again the launch customer in 1994, and the type was plagued with early operational issues that made the aircraft unreliable. Though once these issues were fixed, Crossair admitted it was very pleased with the type and wanted more, orders never came close to that of the Saab 340, and production of both the Saab 340 and Saab 2000 ended in 1999, with the Saab 2000 only being produced for 7 years. By the mid to late 2000s, many airlines decided to begin retiring their 30-seat props for regional jets, and American Eagle, the largest customer of the 2000s, had dumped all 50 examples by 2007. Today, the Saab 340 mostly survives as a cargo aircraft, though there are still passenger examples flying. Some Saab 2000s remain active as private aircraft, with just 6 examples remaining commercial service; 1 with Eastern Airways and 5 with Air Leap.

At the moment, we do not have any pilots who have flown the Saab 2000 available. 

Currently, the following high quality add-ons are available for this aircraft:

Carenado Saab 340: X-Plane, Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Virtualcol Saab 340/2000: Prepar3Dv1-5/Microsoft Flight Simulator X