Virtual Flight Lessons
With Real Pilots

Modern Flight Simulators offer aircraft that have much of the complexity in avionics, systems, and operations that is found in the real aircraft they represent. While it is highly rewarding and very enjoyable to operate these virtual aircraft, learning how to start up these aircraft, let alone operate them on a simulated flight, can be a daunting task. Even experienced simmers who have been flying payware quality virtual aircraft for over a decade may still have questions and can surely learn more about  operating their favorite planes.

Bayviationsim is now offering a service where users of popular flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, X-Plane, Flight Simulator X, and other platforms may book actual instruction with real life professional pilots who either currently fly or have flown the aircraft users wish to learn. Users will have the option to connect with pilots via online messaging apps like Skype and Zoom which allow for screen sharing to put them in the cockpit with you. From there, they can walk you through starting up the aircraft from a "cold and dark" state, explain features and procedures, teach you how to program the flight management system, and answer any other questions you may have about operating your virtual aircraft.

For half the rate of the flight lessons, users may also book sessions with veteran flight simulation staff at Bayviationsim for lessons on using specific aircraft, fixing errors/troubleshooting, designing scenery/ADEX/ADEs, creating/installing AI traffic, installing aircraft/liveries/scenery, getting started with a new simulator, or any other uses you may have for our expertise.

Listed to the left are aircraft with high quality payware replications available 

for modern simulators which pilots have agreed to offer lessons on. Click on an aircraft to get started.

For aircraft unlisted, you may contact us via the platform of your choice and request a lesson in another type of aircraft, and we will attempt to find a pilot who may be willing to offer their services, though there are no guarantees. If, and only if, Bayviationsim is able to connect a user to an aircraft outside of those listed, a $5 finders fee will be added to the purchase as we attempt to chase down a pilot outside our current group willing to provide the service and prepare them for the lesson.

NOTE: Cancellation of session with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for one hour as time was already put aside by the instructor. "No Shows" will be charged the full cost of the session, repeated "No Shows" may result in a denial of future services.